Government Services

Government Services
Supplementing Municipalities and Districts with Professional Engineering Services

For over 50 years, we have proudly provided our professional services for numerous public agencies within California. Year after year, we have been prequalified to provide professional on-call services - civil engineering, construction management, and land surveying - as well. As City Engineer to a number of agencies, we have a unique perspective and understanding not only on the engineering side, but the municipality side.

Working as an Extension to Municipalities and Districts

The beauty of working as an extension to an agency is the ability to create a diverse team to complete time and budget sensitive projects. We are experienced with funding sources, permitting, design, bidding, public coordination, contract administration, construction support, site inspection, and land surveying. Our firm's knowledge and first-hand experience with municipal engineering has allowed us to maintain long-term municipal clients.

Count on MNS for Staff Augmentation

Our firm's specialties in the core services of civil engineering, construction management, and land surveying services makes us a prime candidate for staff augmentation.

  • Civil engineering: As City Engineer to a number of agencies, we possess an invaluable insight and a unique understanding of public works projects. We have provided on-call professional services and staff augmentation for numerous public agencies.
  • Construction management: We have developed a reputation for success with completing projects ahead of or on schedule and budget. This reputation has elevated our construction management department above the rest.
  • Land Surveying: Serving as a long-time City Surveyor for a municipality in Santa Barbara County, our surveying department has extensive experience in providing services for capital improvement programs.

Our firm's experience, coupled with our knowledge of municipalities, makes MNS an easy addition to provide professional on-call services.

The MNS Difference

Our purpose is to make a positive difference in people's lives every day, by focusing on our clients to solve their unique project challenges and deliver affordable, top-quality results.

When you choose MNS for your government services needs, you choose:

  • Commitment: As a testament to our client relationships and quality of work, we have provided staff augmentation to public agencies such as cities, counties, special districts/agencies, and Caltrans.
  • Progressive: The importance of continuous education to perfect our craft provides added value for municipalities/agencies to explore out-of-the-box ideas to solve both simple to complex projects. Our experience as City Engineer also keeps us updated with the latest processes, procedures, policies, and provisions.
  • Communication: To succeed in providing staff augmentation services, communication is essential. We understand the importance of providing constant, clear, and straightforward communication.
  • Integrity: Our firm's integrity lies with the number of long-term agencies we've supported and the long list of agencies that qualify our firm year after year for on-call services.

Understand that the value of our firm's services lie not only with our need to satisfy our clients, but with our passion for the cities and counties we work in and call home. MNS is proud to say it has been a part of our local communities for over 50 years and we look forward to providing quality professional services for many more to come.