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MNS CM Transportation Department Wins the Golden Valley Road Bridge Widening Project

MNS CM Transportation Department Wins the Golden Valley Road Bridge Widening Project


The Golden Valley Road / SR-14 Interchange Project represents the final link in the 8.5 mile Cross Valley Connector, which provides a high volume access route along the Santa Clarita Valley corridor between the I-5/SR-126 Interchange and SR-14. Along with the construction of Newhall Ranch Road and the Golden Valley Parkway Bridge over the Santa Clara River, this vital link is a crucial element in accommodating the enormous expansion of residential development, industry, and commerce in the region. This project has been years in planning and design.

MNS and Golden Valley Road Bridge

This project will widen the existing two-lane overpass to six lanes, including two through lanes and one left-turn lane in each direction for access to northbound and southbound SR-14. The SR-14 southbound off-ramp will be widened and re-paved with Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP) to provide improved traffic handling and pedestrian access. Trafficcontentimage1 signal systems will be reconstructed at both intersections of Golden Valley Road with the SR-14 access ramps in order to accommodate the widened roadway, and new traffic metering will be installed for the on ramps. New sidewalks will be included on either side of the bridge, and a Class I bike lane will cross the structure along the southern side.

The Golden Valley Road Bridge widening consists of building a new 61’ wide bridge to the immediate north of the existing 53’ wide bridge, and attaching them together to make a single structure. The concrete barrier and fencing along northern edge of the existing bridge will be demolished, and two bridges will be connected together with a 6’-5” wide section of concrete “closure pour.” The new bridge is a 261’ long, two span, cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete structure. The structural foundations consist of diaphragm abutments at each end of the bridge supported on new spread footings and a 51’ wide wall pier center bent, also supported on spread footing, to be built in the center median of SR-14.