Warm Springs Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) West Access Bridge and Plaza

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  Warm Springs Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) West Access Bridge and Plaza


City of Fremont

Project Name
Warm Springs Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) West Access Bridge and Plaza

Construction Management


The $23.1M project constructed a two-span (a truss span and a cable-stayed span) pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting to the west side of the new Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station. The project included the bridge circulation elements and the installation of plumbing, lighting, security, and communication systems to support the operation of the bridge. The bridge spans the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks and yard as well as a city amphitheater style plaza area. The one-acre City plaza provides a landing point and circulation area for the pedestrian bridge.

The plaza offers decorative pavement, seating elements (terraced seating, benches, etc.), lighting elements, stormwater treatment areas, landscaping, irrigation, utility connections, bike racks, and an information kiosk.

The project spans an existing UPRR line and connects directly to the existing BART station, which required significant coordination and communication to maintain access and mitigate potential disruptions. Due to the connection to an existing BART station and the adjacent UPRR tracks, coordination with all project stakeholders was crucial to both share and gather information and to maintain access to facilities.

MNS provided full construction management tasks consisting of serving as Resident Engineer; inspection management; document control; project scheduling; change order management; and claim mitigation. MNS monitored construction activities to validate the bridge construction complied with the project plans and specifications, managed project Inspectors, and provided oversight of the fabrication of the pedestrian and bicycle bridge.

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