Land Surveying

Land Surveying Services

Our Land Surveying department provides a full range of land surveying and mapping services to the transportation, water resources, government services, and federal markets throughout California.

With roots in land surveying dating back to the early 1900s, our firm is proud to build upon a historic foundation of excellence.

What We Do

We use time-proven processes and advanced technology to ensure you receive quality results. We utilize GPS and robotic instrumentation expertise for one- and two-person survey crews. Our team specializes in the following areas of land surveying:

Design Surveying: We provide mapping for ground and aerial topographic base maps, as well as utility mapping, right-of-way, property boundary, and easement retracements for design projects. In addition, we provide surveying for acquisition projects which include legal descriptions, deeds, sketches, and with right-of-way maps for use in appraisal and acquisition.

Construction Surveying: Our services include planning, review and pre-calculations, along with control and conform verifications and monument preservation. Additionally, we provide construction staking and monitoring for roads, highways, bridges, bikeways, buildings and facilities.

Additional Land Surveying Services: We provide right-of-way engineering in accordance with the Caltrans Right-of-Way manual. We also create customized maps, legal descriptions, sketches and reports, formatted to meet the needs of local agencies and clients.

How MNS Makes a Difference

We Offer the Best One- and Two-Person Survey Crews: We analyze the project scope to determine if a one or two person crew is the most effective and cost efficient way to proceed. Using advanced GPS and robotic technology and traditional techniques, we strive to meet or exceed the required schedule and complete the work within budget.

Our Surveyors Are Unionized: Since MNS is signatory to the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 12, we have the ability to add to our core employees by hiring certified party chiefs and chainpersons from a pool of highly qualified, local surveyors.

Our Team Is Highly Efficient: Our land surveying team has worked together for over ten years. Their familiarity with each other and their field expertise allow us to complete your projects on time, within budget, and with no communication breakdowns along the way.

We Understand Your Needs: Our clients range from private clients, municipalities, and Caltrans. As our first priority, we work with you to thoroughly understand your project. We provide an experienced team to complete your project in a cost-effective manner.


Transportation - We have provided design surveys, right-of-way engineering and mapping, and construction staking for many major roadways, highways, and bridges in California.

Water Resources - Our land surveyors are involved in the water resources market, from utility surveys, aerial survey control, topographic mapping, and construction staking.

Government Services - We work with numerous municipal agencies to provide services for capital improvement projects. We understand the needs and expectations of our local agencies.

Federal Projects - We proudly serve the federal and military markets, supporting projects on military and government installations. We regularly provide land surveying services for Vandenberg Air Force Base.