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Improving Transportation Systems for Tomorrow

At MNS, we work with you and strive for a common goal: quality, innovative projects that meet cost and schedule expectations. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure we achieve project success together.

Transportation Systems are a Way of Life

Taking an afternoon stroll through your neighborhood, riding your bicycle on a scenic coastal path, driving on local roads to run errands, or using major freeways and bridges to reach distant destinations all have one thing in common: people’s lives revolve around transportation systems.

Eventually, all transportation systems see typical wear and tear, need emergency repair when a natural disaster strikes, or require expansion to accommodate population growth.


Our Areas of Expertise

Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities

We have completed numerous studies and designs for pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Our team has significant experience with implementing designs that adhere to standard industry and agency specifications and guidelines while maintaining Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Our project experience includes sidewalks, safe routes to schools, bicycle paths, multiuse paths, trails, intersections, traffic calming, and bicycle master plans.

Vehicular Transportation Systems

Whether your project requires pavement maintenance and rehabilitation, emergency repair, or new systems and structures design, MNS has the experience and expertise to provide the optimal solution. We understand special funding, agency, and Caltrans requirements and the need to protect the surrounding environment.

Our project experience includes local roads, pavement rehabilitation, streetscapes and beautification, medians, roundabouts, intersections, parking, highways, interchanges, and bridges.

Public Transit Systems

Much like the services we offer for vehicular systems, we understand the complexities and requirements to meet your needs while remaining compliant with agency and ADA requirements. Our project experience in this growing market includes bus facilities, trains, rails, freight, park and ride facilities, and airfield facilities.

Traffic Engineering

At MNS, our team includes Traffic Engineers for your traffic planning and engineering needs. Our Traffic Engineers identify, investigate, evaluate, and implement intelligent solutions to meet the overall goal of implementing modern transportation systems. They are proficient in studying problems and replacing old solutions with modern results that deliver increased safety, operations, and longevity into low- or high-capacity transportation systems.

Working Together to Develop Solutions

Specializing in civil engineering, construction management, and land surveying services, the MNS team is ready to serve you:

  • Civil Engineering: Our Transportation Division focuses on projects involving pedestrian and bicycle facilities, vehicular systems, and public transit facilities.
  • Construction Management: A leader in construction management services, we have provided our services on numerous highways, interchanges, roads, and bridges. MNS specializes in complete construction management for the transportation market.
  • Land Surveying: We have provided design surveys, right-of-way engineering and mapping, and construction staking for many major roadways, highways, interchanges, and bridges.

As required, we work with quality sub-consultants to support us in areas of environmental, geotechnical, materials testing, SWPPP compliance and inspection, public outreach, landscaping, and electrical/mechanical engineering to name a few.

Federal and State Funding

We have substantial experience administering federal, state, and local funding for transportation projects and working with agencies to successfully pass federal audits. MNS has successfully managed over $5B in programmable money over the past 15 years, including FHWA, ARRA, HBP, STIP, FEMA, and bond-funded projects.

The MNS Difference

Our purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s lives every day, by focusing on our clients to solve their unique project challenges and deliver affordable, top-quality results.

When you choose MNS for your transportation needs, you choose:

  • Commitment: Our professional team is dedicated to providing you with quality, environmentally-sound solutions.
  • Progressive: The importance of continuous education provides our clients with an innovative and progressive team. We apply techniques, along with practical knowledge, to develop intelligent solutions.
  • Communication: At the forefront of any civil engineering, construction management, and land surveying project is communication. Constant, effective, and straightforward communication makes a difference in a successful project outcome.
  • Integrity: Over 75% of our clients are repeat clients. We also serve as City Engineer/Surveyor to numerous municipalities. Our integrity shines based on these two elements alone.

The value of our firm’s services lies not only in our need to satisfy our clients but with our passion for the cities and counties we work in and call home. MNS is proud to say it has been a part of our local communities for over 60 years and we look forward to providing quality professional services for many more to come.