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MNS Wins Thousand Oaks Boulevard Streetscape Design Project

MNS Wins Thousand Oaks Boulevard Streetscape Design Project


Congratulations to the Transportation Engineering Team for winning the Thousand Oaks Boulevard Civic Arts Plaza Streetscape project! This centrally located project will build upon existing enhancements that have occurred through development along the Thousand Oaks Boulevard corridor from Erbes Road to Conejo School Road. This area, also known as the Civic Arts Plaza Streetscape Treatment Zone, when complete will exhibit an enhanced streetscape treatment which will include street section design, streetscape furnishings, landscaping, median, bicycle and pedestrian improvements.

MNS provides creative and practical solutions for a wide range of transportation systems. Our engineers have a proven track record and profound commitment to bettering our local communities. We’re dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives every day and look forward to implementing the City of Thousand Oaks’ vision for this important project.