Ayers Creek Pipeline Replacement

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  Ayers Creek Pipeline Replacement


Casitas Municipal Water District

Project Name
Ayers Creek Pipeline Replacement

Civil Engineering
Program Management

APWA Ventura County Chapter, Project of the Year Award, Emergency


The existing Rincon Main conveys potable water from Casitas Municipal Water District’s water treatment plant west towards Carpinteria and other beach communities. Following a failure of the existing cement mortar lined and coated steel pipe crossing Ayers Creek, Casitas contracted with MNS to prepare contract documents to replace the critical crossing. The area has experienced drastic changes in finish grade due to erosion from storm events washing large volumes of sediment into the project area, raising the surface elevation, and burying the existing blow-off valve vault up to 30 feet below grade.

MNS replaced approximately 100 linear feet of 18-inch spiral welded concrete mortar-lined steel pipe. The section of interest includes approximately 50 linear feet upstream to a point approximately 50 linear feet downstream of the existing vault/blow-off as shown on as-built sheet 767-D-368. MNS has improved reliability and relocated a section of the Rincon Main that has previously required temporary repairs.

The work included installation of new bypass connections and isolation valves on both sides of the repair area. It is anticipated the new section of main will be constructed of 18-inch HDPE DR 7 pipe. The existing main was abandoned and filled with cement slurry. The existing blow-off valve vault was abandoned in place. A concrete low water vehicle crossing, or Arizona crossing, was also be designed to stabilize the roadway across Ayers Creek.

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