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City of Dublin

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Clover Park

Construction Inspection

APWA Northern California, Project Award


Clover Park is part of the City of Dublin Parks and Recreation Master Plan comprising 73 acres of new parks and recreation facilities and 290 acres of existing parkland. As the City continues to grow, central to the development is enhancing the overall quality of life—creating an environment where people love where they live. This park met the City’s goal of creating and improving the park, recreation, and cultural facilities for current and future residents.

Located in the Iron Gate residential development, the $1.3M Clover Park is a two-acre neighborhood park that features a children’s playground, adult and children’s fitness equipment, a shaded picnic area, an informal lawn area, and public art. It also features bike and walking trails. A trail from Clover Park leads up to the adjacent Sunrise Park with an overlook that provides expansive views of the Tri-Valley and Pleasanton Ridgeline.

The park shares a northern boundary with open space and trail connection, a Class I bike trail that crosses through the square from north to south and is in proximity to a creek corridor. The park is an important link between adjacent neighborhoods, parks, and recreational activities.

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