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  South Bayfront Pedestrian Bridge


City of Emeryville

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South Bayfront Pedestrian Bridge

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The centerpiece of the South Bayfront Pedestrian Bridge Project is a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks in the City of Emeryville. Construction included the main bridge structure, access ramps, stairs, and landscaping, as well as community outreach, stakeholder coordination, and permitting for all elements of the project.

The bridge and ramps accommodate bicycles and pedestrians and are Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliant. The 227-foot-long main bridge is a tied single-arch structure spanning nine UPRR tracks. This bridge is designed for construction over UPRR tracks within a very limited track closure window. Over 1,000 feet of ramps were required for the bridge approaches. The west ramp is a switch-back ramp that connects to the Bay Street shopping center. The west ramp is adjacent to the mall’s parking structure within a 30-foot setback from the UPRR property line. The east ramp connects to the proposed Horton Landing Park. Both ramp structures are cast-in-place concrete structures. The project also included access stair structures on each side of the railroad corridor for pedestrian access to the main bridge.

The main span consists of an S-curved single span across the railroad tracks, supported at its ends by concrete bents. It is supported by a single straight bowstring truss/arch that extends diagonally across the deck; the top chord/arch rib is a pair of steel tubes, the bottom chord/tension tie is within the deck framing, and the cable diagonals/suspenders support the deck edges. A concrete slab traveled way, with fencing and lighting, is carried by the steel deck framing.

The new adjacent Horton Landing Park was built on the east side of the train tracks and is a new addition to the Emeryville Greenway. Pathways in the park connect the bridge to adjacent streets at Horton Street, just south of 53rd Street and near Stanford Avenue. The greenway within Horton Landing Park will also connect to a future greenway that extends southward to Sherwin near Halleck Street.

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