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MNS Transportation Engineering Team Wins the Railroad Avenue Bike Trail Project

MNS Transportation Engineering Team Wins the Railroad Avenue Bike Trail Project


Congratulations to the MNS Transportation Engineering team for their win on the Railroad Avenue Bike Trail project. MNS will provide conceptual design of Railroad Bike Trail from Lyons Avenue to Oakridge Drive. Services include a design concept report, conceptual plans, engineers estimate, and preliminary environmental study. This bike trail will add a multi-modal facility to the Railroad Avenue corridor as part of the City master planning process.

History of the Trail Master Plan

The City has established a Trail Master Plan that outlines the short and long term planned routes consisting of various types of pedestrian and bicycle facilities. As part of this plan, the City has identified a specific route along Railroad Avenue to investigate further with preliminary engineering consulting services to support a new Class I Bicycle Lane and adjacent sidewalk facility.

Railroad Avenue Bike Trail


This facility will be located between Railroad Avenue and the Metrolink Railroad, extending North/South between Lyons Avenue and Oakridge Drive. The main goal of the project is to perform preliminary engineering and environmental studies of the proposed improvements to support the City. The bike trail will connect to the existing sidewalk and bicycle facilities just north of Via Princessa. The bike trail will cross waterways in three locations. This will require incorporating two bridge structures and a box culvert.

Key Project Components

  • Trail Length: 1.5 Miles
  • Trail Design
  • Fencing Design
  • Bicycle Bridges
  • Drainage Design