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MNS Awarded City of Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility PM Services Contract with MK Nunley

MNS Awarded City of Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility PM Services Contract with MK Nunley

Morro Bay

MNS’ Water Resources and Construction Management groups are excited to be on the team recently selected for Program Management for the City of Morro Bay. MNS is serving as subconsultant to Michael K Nunley & Associates, who will lead Program Management for the City’s Public Works Department to develop a new Water Reclamation Facility. MNS will support the development of the Recycled Water Program and will provide Construction Management services.

The new WRF will have the capacity to serve the City’s population at General Plan build out and replace existing old facilities that are near or at the end of service life. The City’s goals for the new WRF include:

  • The ability to produce tertiary, disinfected wastewater in accordance with Title 22 requirements for unrestricted urban irrigation in a cost effective manner for all ratepayers
  • The design to be able to produce reclaimed wastewater for potential users, which could include public and private landscape areas, agriculture, or groundwater recharge
  • Allowance for onsite composting
  • Design for energy recovery
  • Design to treat contaminants of emerging concern in the future
  • Design to allow for other possible municipal functions, i.e. City Corporation Yard on site.
  • Ensure compatibility with neighboring land uses

The new WRF is proposed to be constructed on an approximately 10 to 15-acre portion of a 187-acre property approximately one mile east of the Morro Bay City limits, on the north side of Highway 41. This area is known as the Rancho Colina site. The project will require a new force main and pumping station to transfer the new raw wastewater to the site.

The Morro Bay Water Reclamation Facility is part of a two-phase program for a complete reclaimed water processing and transmission system. Phase I of the program includes the following components:

  • Development of the new WRF at the Rancho Colina site
  • Lift station and pipelines needed to connect the facility with existing wastewater infrastructure within the area it will serve
  • Pipelines and/or other facilities needed to reclaim and distribute treated wastewater for reuse in accordance with the Facility Master Plan and reclamation planning efforts currently underway
  • Support facilities required for the operation of the New WRF; i.e., water main extension along with miscellaneous dry utilities
  • Possible co-location of other City facilities at Rancho Colina, including a City corporation yard, community park, education center, or other facilities
  • Actions needed to transfer wastewater treatment service from the current WWTP to the new facility.
  • Decommissioning of the existing WWTP