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Our Planning team provides a full range of planning and environmental compliance services to municipalities, private sector clients, transportation agencies, water districts, and federal clients throughout California. Our team provides comprehensive planning services including Community Planning, Agency Staffing, Environmental Compliance, and Regulatory Permitting.

What We Do

At MNS, we provide a holistic approach to planning services. Our team is focused on providing solutions that comply with applicable regulatory requirements and local policies while also meeting the needs of the local community. Our team is comprised of technical specialists with first-hand experience with a range of Planning and Environmental projects throughout California.

Community Planning. Our Community Planning team understands the lasting positive impact that context sensitive planning can have on a community, and we operate with an acute awareness of the ever-evolving California regulatory environment and the demands placed on local agencies and project proponents. Our team of planners have experience with a variety of community planning activities including:

  • General Plans
  • Community and Area Plans
  • Specific Plans
  • Zoning Ordinances
  • Design Guidelines
  • Objective Design Standards
  • Community Engagement
  • Special Projects/Program Management
  • Housing Element/Policy Implementation
  • Complex Entitlements Support
  • Technical Assistance and Training

Our team has worked in urban, suburban, and rural communities and has served agency and private clients alike. We pride ourselves in developing a tailored approach that focuses on leveraging local planning opportunities and constraints into actionable plans and policies. With our comprehensive experience in the public and private sectors, we operate with thoughtful consideration of each client’s unique needs.

Environmental Compliance. Our Environmental Compliance team understands how to navigate complex regulatory framework of both the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Our team has experience in a range of CEQA/NEPA documents including:

  • Environmental Impact Reports/Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Initial Studies/Environmental Assessments
  • Categorical Exemptions/Categorical Exclusions

Our team of environmental planners evaluate each project to develop a CEQA/NEPA scope that considers the full scope of implementing activities, document defensibility and streamlining opportunities.

Agency Staffing. Whether an agency needs staffing for front counter management support, full or part-time on-site assistance, or an as-needed project manager for major entitlement projects, MNS has a range of agency staffing support options that give us the ability to customize our approach for each client’s individual need and fluctuating workload. Our team can provide experienced staff on short notice both in-person and remotely throughout California.
Our team of planners have experience with a variety of agency planning services including:

  • Front Counter Management
  • Preparation of Staff Reports, Resolutions, Ordinances, and Conditions of Approval
  • General Plan and Zone Change requests
  • Large-Scale and Small-Scale Development Land Use Entitlements and Project Management
  • Coordination of appropriate CEQA Documentation
  • Interdepartmental Project Review and Coordination

MNS has a range of planners from Planning Technicians to Principal Planners with diverse technical backgrounds including current planning, advanced planning, and Environmental Compliance. Committed to exceptional customer service, at the start of each new assignment we work closely with City staff and project applicants to understand the personality of the organization and the complexities of a given project. Serving multiple jurisdictions across the state gives us a unique perspective on how to deliver these services efficiently and cost effectively. We value that perspective and use it to positively impact the communities we serve.

Regulatory Permitting. At MNS, we understand the complexity of the regulatory permitting process, and we have in-house resources to assist with permitting support from the initial jurisdictional delineation through permit issuance. Our team of regulatory specialists can assist with applying for and obtaining a range of regulatory permits from federal and state agencies including:

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • California Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • State Water Resources Control Board
  • Regional Water Quality Control Boards
  • California Coastal Commission
  • National Marine Fisheries Service

Our team has successfully navigated state and federal regulation compliance for a wide range of projects, from simple flood control channel maintenance to construction of hundreds of miles of transmission lines/poles. Our excellent relationships with resource agency staff and operators of mitigation banks and conservation programs allow us to assist clients in planning for the most cost-efficient mitigation proposals possible.

We are one of the few firms who specialize in obtaining programmatic and master agreements from the resource agencies that authorizes work over a period of 10 to 25 years. Issuance of programmatic approvals from all resource agencies to conduct ongoing maintenance, capital improvements, or phased development saves significant time and money and provides assurances that the work can be completed without new and costly changes to the regulations. Additionally, mitigation for each site is purchased on a one-time basis for the duration of the permit. We have developed a cost and time benefit analysis to share with our clients that demonstrates the savings that can be achieved with this process.

How MNS Makes a Difference

We use our expertise to make your project a success, while actively identifying and mitigating project challenges to reduce potential unexpected surprises. We stay abreast of industry news, regulatory updates, and best practices so our clients can focus on what’s in front of them with the assurance that MNS is prepared to guide them through the challenges of the day. As a result, our clients find our approach holistic, responsive, and accommodating.

Highly Experienced. Our team has successfully led a wide range of projects across California. This allows us to provide our clients with a well-rounded team of technical specialists that can draw from diverse project experience.

Industry Leaders. Many of our team members are actively engaged on industry association boards and teach training courses for their respective technical disciplines. This allows us to provide our clients with up-to-date information and training on industry best practices and changing regulations.

Proactive Communication. We stress the importance of communication and coordination at every stage of the planning process. Our enhanced collaboration with key project stakeholders and risk analysis to anticipate project needs mitigates impacts and promotes success.

Markets We Serve

We've provided construction management services on hundreds of roads and bridges throughout California, and we consider this market a key part of our business.

Our Construction Management team includes a specialized water resources team with an impressive range of project experience and market knowledge.

We have been providing on-call construction management and inspection services for California public agencies for over 60 years.

We proudly serve the federal and military markets, supporting projects on military and government installations. We regularly provide construction management services for Vandenberg Space Force Base.