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MNS Transportation Wins the Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge Project Over Mission Creek!

MNS Transportation Wins the Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge Project Over Mission Creek!

contentimage0.jp2Congratulations to the MNS team for their win on the Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge Replacement Project! The project is located right down the street from our Santa Barbara office next to Stearn’s Wharf.


History of Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge

This historic bridge was originally built in 1913, but additional reconstruction was performed in 1927 and 1977. This bridge was built on one of the busiest roads in Santa Barbara because it is right next to the iconic Stearn’s Wharf pier which brings in a lot of tourism into Santa Barbara.


One of the City’s objectives is to preserve the architectural integrity of the aesthetic features reflecting these periods of history that have long contributed to the atmosphere of the waterfront community in the region. Therefore, both the structural and architectural features of the replacement project have been carefully planned to include features that are consistent with the historic nature of this highly used public facility.

MNS and Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge

Replacement of the Cabrillo Boulevard Bridge and reconstruction of Mission Creek both upstream and downstream of the bridge represents a significant milestone in completion of Santa Barbara’s Lower Mission Creek Flood Control Project. MNS CM transportation team has recently replaced the nearby Chapala Street Bridge and Ortega Street Bridge over Mission Creek. This project along with other bridge projects of similar scope proved that MNS is the best choice for the project.

The bridge replacement project will be constructed in three stages and includes demolishing the existing bridge and adjacent channel walls as well as the complete reconstruction with an improved bridge structure, channel walls, embankments, and tidal habitat. The team must reroute the traffic throughout the duration of the project in stages.Here’s a visual layout of the project.