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MNS wins new streetscape projects for City of Goleta and City of Diamond Bar!

MNS wins new streetscape projects for City of Goleta and City of Diamond Bar!

MNS is excited to provide design and engineering services to the City of Goleta and the City of Diamond Bar on their upcoming streetscape improvement projects! These projects will preserve and enhance the quality of life, support local economic vitality, and strengthen public infrastructure within their communities. The MNS Transportation design team has a strong resume of providing successful streetscape services to many clients and agencies.

For the City of Goleta’s (City) Old Town sidewalk infill, MNS will create a new network for pedestrian access to improve walkable connections to businesses and to promote alternative modes of transportation. In this older mixed-use neighborhood, urban roadway design standards have changed significantly. Many of the original streets are narrow, lack sidewalks, and some pathways end abruptly. By installing a network of sidewalks on one side of the area streets, other traversable access barriers will be removed. The sidewalk infill will provide curb, gutter, and American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps to encourage pedestrian traffic. The City’s goal is to expand safe connections to transportation options, by making the area more functional for all modes of street travel (walking, bicycling, public transit, and driving). This vital link to the residential neighborhoods north of Hollister Avenue, along Pine Avenue and south of Hollister Avenue will also enhance community health by encouraging active forms of transportation. The City received a California Active Transportation Grant for the environmental, right of way (R/W), final design, and construction. Project improvements include:

  • Removing existing sidewalks
  • Maximizing vehicle travel lanes, bike lanes, and new four-foot-wide sidewalks (as applicable)
  • Installing ADA accessible ramps
  • Reconfiguring parking in the R/W
  • Restriping
  • Adjusting utility locations
  • Removing private encroachments in the public R/W (as necessary)
  • Constructing curb and gutter on both sides of the street to improve drainage and stormwater run-off quality
  • Installing potential new connections to the existing storm drain system
  • Improving street lighting as applicable

The City of Diamond Bar (City) is embarking on a new streetscape improvement project to enhance the entry gateway. In recent years, major commercial and retail developments have been proposed along Diamond Bar Boulevard between Palomino Drive and Golden Springs Drive. The City Council recently adopted a long-term strategy to attract and retain sustainable business development growth. The goal is to create greener, safer “complete streets” that embrace the rustic, family-friendly character of the community while encouraging business visibility. Diamond Bar Boulevard is a main City arterial, connecting with Mission Boulevard to the north in the City of Pomona and Brea Canyon Road to the south. The project supports construction of streetscape and roadway improvements on Diamond Bar Boulevard between the State Route 60 East Bound Freeway Ramps and Golden Springs Drive. Proposed enhancements include: roadway rehabilitation and/or reconstruction; aesthetic hardscape and landscape treatments; traffic signal improvements; green streets and low-impact development measures and crosswalk upgrades. The team will explore alternatives such as modifying the 12-foot-wide parkways to add streetscape and green street elements as well as widening the bike lane in combination with the sidewalk to create a multiuse path.

The project will develop streetscape and roadway improvements that will:

  • Promote multi-modal means of transportation using complete street design elements (enable safe access for all users sharing the road)
  • Establish points of interest to promote local business
  • Encourage pedestrian and bicycle traffic
  • Conserve water and be environment and maintenance friendly
  • Improve surface runoff quality and containment to comply with MS4 permit
  • Enhance esthetics of the area while maintaining the identity of the City
  • Conform to Diamond Bar Streetscape Design Guidelines, Green Streets Manual, California Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Americans with Disabilities Act, and the City General Plan