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MNS Welcomes New Interns for 2016 Summer Program

MNS Welcomes New Interns for 2016 Summer Program

Our interns with a couple of their mentors at the Piedras Blancas project site.

MNS Engineers is thrilled to welcome seven new students to the 2016 Intern Program! Our participants, Conner Claus, Kara Horwald, Chris LeClair, Yesenia Pereyra, Sam Potts, Peter Ralston, and Marisol Solares, hail from various Californian universities, including California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and Pomona; Santa Clara University; and California State University, Northridge and Long Beach.

We have a well-rounded group of talented interns with impressive industry experience like creating biosand filters for villages in Nicaragua, working at City Public Works Departments, building a concrete canoe, studying abroad in Norway, speaking other languages, and years of previous work experience!

Here at MNS, our interns are engineering technicians, gaining exposure to the different services and markets MNS provides. Additionally, the interns are learning about corporate culture, such as office etiquette, reviewing job benefits, and safety regulations and requirements.

Yesterday, the interns visited MNS’ Piedras Blancas project, a $19.7M highway realignment north of Hearst Castle on State Route 1. The project will provide two twelve-foot lanes with eight-foot shoulders, and a left-turn lane at the former Piedras Blancas Motel. It will also install three bridges over sensitive environmental wetland areas and creeks. This project is needed to restore the existing highway to natural conditions, and restore and enhance 12 acres of park land to mitigate impacts to disturbed areas.

Next week, our interns will visit MNS’ $26M Cabrillo Bridge Replacement project on the Santa Barbara waterfront, which replaces the existing, structurally deficient bridge over Mission Creek. This highly challenging project requires extensive public outreach, utility coordination, and environmental permitting, in a highly visible and trafficked location in the heart of Santa Barbara.

Each intern paired up with a mentor in their field of concentration in order to better connect with the industry. Mentors include engineers at each level, so the interns can see what is expected at each position.

Gaining exposure to networking events is also vital for the interns, who will attend American Public Works Association Luncheons with their mentors and the MNS Business Development Director next month.

At the conclusion of the internship program, we will guide our interns through a robust transition exit program, teaching them how to communicate their accomplishments from over the summer to others, and providing continual access to each other and their mentors. We are so proud of our interns and look forward to bridging a future with them after they graduate!

MNS Engineers, Inc., is a multi-service infrastructure consulting firm, specializing in construction management, civil engineering, and land surveying services. The company has served the transportation, water resources, government services, and federal markets since 1962, and prides itself on making a positive difference to California communities every day.