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  Overhead and Underground Feeder Replacement Projects


Vandenberg Space Force Base and US Army Corps of Engineers

Project Name
High Voltage Electrical System Replacement

Environmental Monitoring
Civil Engineering
Land Surveying
Stormwater Pollution Prevention
Construction Inspection

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME) Oxnard-Ventura Post, Project of the Year Award



Vandenberg Space Force Base had over 150 miles of high-voltage lines on its 98,000 acres. This 10-year, $250M program replaced all of the base’s high voltage lines due to wildfires and the threat they pose to the base’s mission. This included 150 miles of distribution circuitry and approximately 50 miles of transmission circuitry. Substations were replaced, a new switchgear added, and temporary (during construction) and permanent all-weather access roads were installed. All existing wood creosote utility poles were removed and new concrete structures installed, including raptor protection. This complex and hazardous project was completed in phases over the 10-year time frame to minimize disruptions to the critical space launch mission. A small sample of projects include the following:

  • Replace 12kV Overhead/Underground (OH/UG) Distribution Line C-1 Feeder. This project replaced a 4.5-mile portion of the 12 kV OH electrical line.
  • Replace OH Distribution Line D1. This project replaced approximately 12 miles of the 12 kV Feeder Line D1 from Substation D Building 1847 to Building1967 on North Vandenberg Space Force Base.
  • Replace Electrical Distribution Line, Feeder K5. This project replaced approximately three miles of OH/UG line from Substation K to SLC-3.
  • Replace 12kV OH/UG Distribution Line, B10 Circuit. This project replaced approximately 2.5 miles of OH/UG line from Substation B to Contractors Row.
  • Replace 12kV OH/UG Distribution Line K7 Phase 1 & 2. This project replaced approximately 6.5 miles of the OH/UG line from Substation K to Arguello Road and Clark Road.
  • Replacement of 12kV OH/UG Distribution Line B-3. This project replaced approximately six miles of OH/UG line on North Base.
  • Repair/Replace OH Distribution Lines, Feeder K1, Phase 3. This project replaced a 5.5-mile portion of the 12.47 kV overhead electrical line.
  • Replace Feeder OH Distribution Lines, Feeder N5/N9/N10. This project replaced a four-mile portion of the 12.47 kV overhead electrical line.

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